DIITM is a broad discipline encompassing a wide range of skills and wealth of knowledge. As technology has improved, the need for engineers to labour with complex mathematics to solve even quite  simple problems has been largely replaced by sophisticated engineering analysis and design of software on computers.

The emphasis of the courses now is to evolve skills and craftsmanship to meet high degree of knowledge and excellence as per the Indian tradition and culture.

A graduate from DIITM is like a finished product ready to take on the competitive world with not only deep academic insight and technical know-how, but is also armed with values and ethics, since special attention and training are imparted keeping in view our cultural traditions, which helps in grooming a well-rounded personality.

We invite all those who share our vision, goals and purpose to join hands in our effort to build a new cadre of technical professionals, who will accelerate the growth in the new digital era.

(Director DIITM)